Starting from number one there are six new photographs on…

December 16, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are six new photographs on the Photo Page.

Dear Mr and Mrs Farmer, We are all so sorry to hear about the death of Padfoot, what a shock it was. I have put together a collection of photographs of Padfoot as a little tribute. Vicky, Diane and John.

I must admit losing Padfoot has been a great loss. We only had him for a short while. In that time I really enjoyed having him. He was never the threat that we were told he would be in the rutting season. The only time he showed any aggression, and I reckon that was him having a bit of fun, is when he put his antlers against the front wheel of the quad bike when we were taking it in to fix the fencing.

Padfoot mated with all of the Females and we did not see any return, so we are hoping that he will produce Calves in the Spring. It could be that he may not have been fertile as we do not know what his illness was. I was unable to take him for a Postmortem as a Fox or Badger had managed to maul his carcass at little in the night and any results would have been contaminated. Although you know my thought on hunting we do use the hunt kennels to dispose of our fallen stock. Hunt Kennel Men because of the amount and species of animals that they butcher are very good at seeing what animals have died of and he will be letting me know if he sees any thing that may have caused Padfoots death. He is also saving Padfoots antlers that we will mount.

We are now having to wait for the results of the blood and feces samples from the Female Reindeer at Cricket St Thomas, for I believe that Padfoot problems originated from there. If the results show that there is a virus or other illness that can be passed on to our Females we will need to take precaution and any measures that will stop them from dieing as Padfoot has. Once we know our Females are clear from any problems we will get another Bull Reindeer.

Arnie is a lot better, not a 100% but getting that way. He is eating as before he was ill and is a lot perkier. We have stable him from when he was ill. As long as he is alright in the morning we will let him out in the Horse Field for a few hours.