Starting from number osix there are ONLY THREE new photographs…

April 27, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number osix there are ONLY THREE new photographs on the Photo Page.

There are ONLY FIVE more photographs left for tomorrows Photo Page.

Gannets perched on Bempton Cliffs,near Flamborough Head, North Yorkshire. Lindsay.

Male and female Gadwall.Lindsay.

As its name suggests it flicks the pebbles on the beach,hence the name Turnstone.They are remarkably tame.Lindsay.

The drive to collect the Kune Kune was about 50 miles. We must have pasted within minute from where Julia and Chris live. If we had her address we may have popped in for a cup of tea. I don’t think they would have enjoyed that visit much, with the way I was ranting.

The Pigs are kept in a large Garden, not what we had expected. Two Gilts one having a litter of Piglets from which our male was coming from and the Female that we were having.

After doing the Ministry paperwork we went to get our Female. She was not what I had imagined, she was a lot bigger than I had thought that she was going to be. She would have been the size of a domestic Pig, larger than the Wild Boar that we had once kept. The size really didn’t matter that much, it was the temperament of the animal that we were interested in, and she was very kind and interested in people.

It was easy to get her to walk to our trailer, but once there it was obvious that we were going to be a problem to load her on to it unless she was prepared to get on to the trailer herself as she was far to heavy to pick up. For sure she wasn’t going to load herself. If I had of known that she was going to be as big as she was I would have taken our Horse Trailer that the Pig could have walked on to by her self. The back is very close to the ground and it has a ramp, so loading her would have been easy.

The trailer we had taken was a box trailer that is about 18″ from the ground. With the bribe of an apple the Pig got her front feet on the trailer, but was down again before we had a chance to lift her back end on. The next attempt was to lift the trailer so that the back was on the ground. Again with a bribe of the apple she managed to get half way on. The idea was then to push the front of the trailer down whilst giving the pig a push. That didn’t work for she slipped off as we pushed the trailer down. The final attempt was up a ramp with her favorite food, a coleslaw sandwich. She ate the sandwich but wouldn’t get on the trailer. So home we came minus a Pig.