Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

September 19, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Some fungi pictures for Jordan . Let me know what he identifies them as. All take next to the ranger station at Roche A Cri State Park , Adams-Friendship , Wisconsin , under some red pines. Penny, Chicago Chicago Chicago

I had hoped that the Northern Lights webcam would have been up and running by now. We are getting a very good picture from Iceland, but we are waiting for the Hotels web designer to send us a page of their website so that we can put the webcam screen into it and get the webcam on our servers. At the moment the webcam image is on the Hotels server, If more than a couple of viewer watch it the server will fail and stop the Hotels website from appearing. I spoke to Bjorn the Hotel Manager just before 7 pm this evening, he is going to try to hurry the page along.

There is still no positive news on the Black Swan Pen. It looks as if it is going to be a long time before she returns.

At last we have made our hay with no help at all from the Met Office. They must be crowing to themselves with getting the forecast right for the past week or so. Mind you it is not rocket science to see that there is clear skies from a satellite. That wouldn’t be a bad idea if we were able to see the live satellite images. They would be able to close the Met Office and sack all their employees.

The work is now finished in stopping the erosion that was threatening the Lake. The person who has been doing it has done a good and tidy job. Just after Christmas we will need to plant a lot of willow shoots in the the repaired bank. It wont take long for a good root structure to form and secure the bank for a long time.

Last night at about I checked the Valley webcam and saw that Thornton was on his own without any signs of the other Sheep. He was heading down the Valley towards the Woods. Not a good place for Thornton to be going, as Thornton really hasn’t any Sheep sense. That is why he gets parted from the other Sheep. He has a habit of going into a deep sleep. Trouble was when he wakes he is on his own not knowing what way the Sheep have gone. We had no option but to go and get him. Thornton was having none of it, he had me running here there and everywhere. When I finally managed to get hold of him I was exhausted in pain after falling flat out and Thornton wasn’t helping. He wasn’t wanting to go the way I wanted him to go, so I needed to put him across my shoulders. I managed to get a couple of hundred yards but he was to heavy for me to go any further. With help including Jean one of last weeks Holiday Guests in holding him down I went and got our car and drove into the Valley Field to collect him. He soon settled down in the Farm House and has been about the Farm Yard all day. I should think that he will go back with the Sheep when they come back. Well at least until it starts raining.

Julia and Chris arrived for there Holiday this afternoon. They are still keen to feed the Badgers whilst they are here. I wont be complaining. I will show them what to do tonight and leave them to do the feeding for a whole week.