Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

October 24, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page sent in by Lynne.

We saw one of the released Barn Owls on our way to the Lake a couple of days ago. It is very close to our large hay barn that the Barn Owl Trust put up two nesting boxes. I still have not managed to find the time looking to see if they have settled on the Farm.

Our new arrivals seem to have settled in well. More of the Emu are waiting at their main Field gate to meet me in morning for their feed. I will need to stop them or they will all be there one morning and I will find it difficult to get into give them their food.

The Rhea have also settled. They are using all of their Field rather than confining themselves to a small area. We are able top get quite close to them. Margaret came into their Field when I fed them a couple of days ago.

December time we should start getting eggs from the Emu. We will be incubating some and will show the hatching on the webcam. We will also let the Emu try to hatch their own. Now that Emu do not need a licence to keep we are hoping to be able to sell some of the Emu chicks when they have hatched.

We have seen both Red and Roe Deer in the Woods over the past few weeks, but we have not be able to see any on the webcams in the Valley. I cant imagine that they have not been in the Valley to graze as their is ample grass for them. In the far left hand corner where it narrows to the entrance to the next Field we have seen the Deer foot prints. I should think that the camera has not been in the right place at the right time.

We wont need to buy Thornton treats for a week or two with what Margaret has left for him. She has left biscuits and cereals, treats for the Horses and bread for the Chickens and Dennis. With Thornton spending more time with the Sheep he visits the Cottages early and Margaret and Marie missed him some days.

As from Sunday night I will be feeding the Badgers from about 5.20pm. I will then over the coming few weeks feed them 10 minutes earlier over a week so that I can see where I am going and our Holiday Guests get a chance to see the Badgers.

I have been speaking to Gudny a receptionist at the Hotel Ranga. It was she who had the camera angle changed. I will ask her if she will let me know when their is an Aurora. I am sure that she will as long as she is on duty.