Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

October 1, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

I am sure you will like this one. Elsie

This will wind the ladies up. Elsie

The ladies will certainly not like this one.

Three photos I took on the 27th Sept. Rose W’canton.

We have finished electrifying around the Lake to stop the Otter from getting any of our Fish. We had hoped to start on the Pond that is next to the Lake but our contractor who will need to top the area has hurt his foot and cant drive his tractor. It is not goods news as one of this weeks Holiday Guests who is on a Fishing Holiday has seen a very large Carp in the Pond. There are a lot of fish in the Pond. It was never our intention to stock the Pond but the fry have gone through the Lakes overflow pipes that goes into the Pond. Now that we know that the Pond is well stocked we will get it ready so that it will be able to be fished next year. It is going to be a major job preparing it as a some years back we stocked it with a number of different varieties of Bullrushes. Not one of my better ideas as now it is three fifths full of the things. Around the Pond is also well overgrown as we left it to encourage wildlife, all it has managed to encourage is very thick bramble. So before we can make a start it will need to be topped.

It was Branston that spooked the Badgers tonight. Some how he had managed to knock a gate down that separates where he wanders about and the Badger Field. Rattling a bucket of feed soon got him out of the Field. We did notice one of the Badgers was lame on its offside rear leg.

The photograph of the Mushroom Rose sent in is a variety that we use to get in our Fields when we had Cattle. We also use to get one the same but opposite colouring. When we stopped having Cattle the Mushrooms disappeared. They were the best Mushrooms we have ever tasted.