Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

November 26, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

We are still very short of photographs.

Chickens silkies? Betty Canada

Beautiful clouds. Betty Canada

Unusual cloud pattern from my back window. Betty Canada

Our local river. Betty Canada

Bleeding Heart. Betty Canada

The continuous rain that we are getting is starting to concern me about the Canada Geese nesting on the Lake at Denbury next Spring. The intention was to put in another wildlife pond in the bottom half of the Horse Field. Natural springs in the bottom of the Field make it very wet. As much as we have tried to drain the area with drainage pipes, that we had buried in to the ground nearly 10 years ago, it is still lies very wet. So the natural springs make it an ideal spot for another Pond. We arranged for a local building contractor to start to dig the new Pond on the 14th of September. They never turned up to do the job on that and after nearly a month of empty promises and crap of when they would start, and why they could not do on the dates promised, and not even answering our phone calls in the end we had to find another contractor. Trouble was a week before they were due to start this prolonged spell of rain started. You can not move heavy machinery on wet ground, especially when digging a pond dig. The machinery will make the Fields extremely muddy scar the ground for years.

Our only hope of digging the Pond is if we get a long spell of frost over the Winter. We wont be able to do any digging in the Spring as the grass we be starting to grow for the Horses to graze on. Without the new Pond there will be little chance of the Geese retuning to Denbury to nest as they will fight with the Swans. we had intended to move the Swans onto the new Pond for the few months that the Geese were on the Lake. We may have even had the Geese land on the new Pond as that would also have been a good nesting area as we had intended to have an Island in it.

As the Black Swans nest in the Winter the Lake would have had interest all through the year. Although we have noticed that the Lake has come to life since the Black Swans arrived. The amount of Wildfowl using the Lake since they come has increased. Although there has always been Coots and Moorhens on the Lake we rarely saw them. Now when we feed the Swans they hang about for feed. We get the odd pair of Mallards nesting in the Spring and Summer, and although many land as soon as we went to the Lake they flew off. In the Winter we never saw Mallards, this year there are 5 pairs that look as if they might stay, with more flying in for short periods during the day. I may be wrong and the Geese will come back if we have only got the Lake for them to land on. It is possible as the Black Swans unlike other species of Swan will live and nest in groups.