Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

October 7, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

A few shots taken at Newstead Abbey last week

Found this gent fishing in the pond in the gardens. I think he’s all hand woven.

Some Funghi in the woods. I think its called Cup Fungi or Peziza succosa.It is Poisonous.

View across the lake.

Some strange weavings. Again all hand made

Just for Jordan, a young Red Cap (Fly Agaric) Very Poisonous. From Judy.

Only photographs for one day are left.

I believe that the Otter may have tried to get onto the Lake on Sunday night. The electric wire on the stream side had been disturbed as if it had tried to get through. It is not a very large shock. just enough for any thing that touches to think about not wanting to touch it again. It should not stop the Otter from returning to the area of the Lake but it will remember the wire when it sees it and will not cross it.

Unfortunately electric fencers do stop other animals. We can see by Badger tracks that they use the Lake to drink from, As Badgers have short legs they will be unable to get across the wire without touching it, although it is only about twelve inches from the ground. The Fox would naturally jump the low wire. We walked around the Lake to show one of our Holiday Guests the Lake. Without realising Thornton was following us and he touched the wire. He only ran a few yards back, but I can tell you he wasn’t best pleased. We will need to fix a permanent fence with a gate to protect the Lakes. There is a little Leat Pond that water flows into the Lake from that the Badgers will be able too use.

The Female Reindeer’s damage around her mouth looks a lot better today. She is still eating and drinking well but the scouring has not stopped. As soon as it does we will be able to return her and the Female that is keeping her company back to the Reindeer Field.