Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

November 26, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

After reading about Penny Chicagox3’s sighting of sandhill cranes I thought I would send in a pic of the Common Cranes that visited Dungeness when I was there back in August.

Also sending in a pic of the narrow boat I used to be the proud owner of – taken in a snowstorm -moored up near Northampton on the Grand Union Canal.

Third pic is of a Rosy Underwing moth – a very rare visitor here – and one that I was credited on the mothsofdungeness website as finding with two of the male wardens. Jill xx.

The inside of Bradford Town Hall, it is very beautiful. Elsie.

How would you like this little pony for Arnie Elsie.

I cant believe that there have been so few Deer in the Valley this year especially after having the back end of the Rutting season last year. I can only put it down to the electric fencing that was used for the Cattle that we allowed our contractor have at the far end of the Valley. The area beyond the far left hand side. I cant imagine that no Deer use the Woodland that we have just acquired. As soon as I get time I will try to fix an ordinary camera up with an infra red beam so that if any thing breaks the beam it will take a photograph. Trouble is that we are so busy at the moment I am having trouble finding any spare time.

Hopefully next year when the ground dries out I will see if there are any areas in the wood that have a good size clearing to be able to put a small Lake in. There is only one are that the stream runs through that we will be able to put a small Lake, It is close to the Valley and will encourage more Wildlife including deer to the Valley. It is also very boggy that is a good sign that there are underground springs to fill the Lake with water. It would be preferable to use springs to fill a Lake or Pond rather than a stream, as stream fed Lakes and Pond tend to fill with sediments and need for the sediment to be taken out, some times as much as the soil that was taken out to make Lake. The Lake will also help drain the boggy area in the wood.