Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

December 20, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

The house at Coleton Fishacre.Devon Janice of Leeds.

Legoland Windsor. 2007 Janice of Leeds.

Legoland.Windsor. Janice of Leeds.

Lunch time with the deer in The New Forest. Janice of Leeds.

Hill House (Rennie Mackintosh designed)
Scotland. Janice of Leeds.

Thornton is still not as he is normally, he is very quite, not attempting to go out just laying most of the time on one of the Dog blankets in the kitchen.. I have seen him eat a little and he has passed droppings and urine, amounts more than I would expect for the little that I have seen him eat or drink, but a least something is happening. I cant be a 100% but It could be that he has a small compaction in his gut and that it is starting to clear with the help of the liquid Paraffin that he had at the Veterinaries yesterday.

We managed to get Willow and Gypsy in to the barn area that we stabled them last year. Getting them in went a lot easier than I thought it would be. We are a lot later than last year in getting them in. I should think that they are released. It is a lot easier to have the Fillies in as they are in a large area that is not cleared until the Spring. Trying to feed them in the Field was hard work. The rain we have had has made the gateway entrance of the Horse Field very muddy. When you walk in to the Field with every foot step you finish up getting stuck. A few times I have left one of my boots behind.