Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

December 30, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page sent in by Bec.

I recently had a weekend away at Coombe Abbey hotel which is a fantastic old ex-Cistercian Monastery in Binley set in 500 acres of parkland it really is a fantastic building that you would never guess is now a hotel.

Gardens at Coombe Abbey. Bec.

Coombe Abbey. Bec.

The moat and gardens at Coombe Abbey. Bec.

Side view of Coombe Abbey. Bec.

Another picture of Coomber Abbey. Bec.

We have a Robin that is visiting us in our kitchen when ever we leave the kitchen door open. The visits started some weeks back when it came in and tried to make its exit through a closed kitchen window, when it all but knocked its self out. It did the same for a few days when we were sure that it would kill its self. Now when we leave the doore open we very often find the Robin sitting on one of the plants on the window ledge.

Another visitor that we have had is a Blackbird that we see fly off from the plants area in the porch outside the kitchen door. It is not now and then but every time that we open the door. It is as if it is a nesting site. Of course it could well be that it has found an area where it is able to keep warm. The Autumn and Winter is always a good time to put up nesting boxes, very often a bird will use them for shelter in these months and go on to nest in them in the Spring. Last years the way that a pair of Blackbirds were acting I was sure that they would have nested in the Winter. Blackbirds have been known to do so.

I have been leaving a webcam on the Lake in the hope of seeing the Kingfisher again. I have been busy today so I haven’t looked at it a lot. With the sun shining today as it was when it was perched on the tree a couple of days ago, there must have been a good chance of it being seen today. One of the biggest disappointments of this year was not seeing the Kingfisher on the webcams as we did the previous year. The Kingfishers definitely nested this year but it didn’t fish from the branch that we put in the year before. Most days that we went to the Lake we would see them darting about. Many of our Holiday Guests saw them especially those fishing the Lake. One Kingfisher even landed on a fishing rod with the fisherman holding on to the other end. The are to many spots that the Kingfisher can perch to fish from that makes it difficult to pinpoint once they decide to move from their usual perches. We have two pan tilt and zoom cameras on the lake now, but unfortunately catching them on the cameras has not been very successful this year as it was the years before.