Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

June 12, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo page of Bliss and Misty.

Bliss and Misty galloping.

Bliss and Misty on their warm up.



The grass Gallops at Chantilly. The men are there two fill in the divots after the Horses have passed.

As the drainage work on the Farm was going so well and I seemed to be standing around doing nothing, I decided to make a quick dash to France to see how Bliss and Misty were doing. I managed to book a seat on the 2.04pm Eurostar to Paris, leaving the Farm at, arriving at the Trainers Stables in Chantilly at about 7.0pm Tuesday evening.

On arriving at the stables I went straight to see Bliss and Misty. Both Fillies had their heads down eating their hay. I would like to think that they remembered me for as when I called their names they came straight over to the stable door. In the rush to catch my trains I had forgotten the Herbie treats, it did make me feel guilty.

I ate with the Trainer and his Family and had the use of the guest cottage for the night. Trouble was that as you go through the Channel Tunnel the clocks go forward an hour. The Trainer and his Family turned in at 10.30pm, in UK time it was 9.30pm. As there was nothing else to do I made my way to the cottage. There was no television either, I had never been to bed so early since I was at School.

Even with going to bed early the night before I still managed to miss the first group of Horses on the morning 6.30am training session. After breakfast it was time to see Bliss and Misty on the 8.30am training session. I so much enjoyed seeing them work it seemed it was over before it had started. The group of Horses that Bliss and Misty were with did their warming up and then went to the grass gallops. I thought that they would have done a warm up canter on the grass before any galloping, so I wasn’t that concerned about getting a photograph on the gallops, until it was that I realised that the first run was going to be the only opportunity to get a photograph, so it was taken a bit in haste, that made me take the photograph to quickly so that Bliss and Misty were to far away and unrecognisable in the photograph. As it was the only photograph a friend enlarged it for me. It has turned out really well.

After seeing the other training sessions it was time for a quick lunch with the Trainer at a restaurant that he was meant to have lunch with a group of people with Monty Roberts the so called Horse Whisper, who I was introduced to, but not before I had scrounged a few carrots from the Trainers kitchen to give to Bliss and Misty before I left. After lunch I got the train back to Paris for the 4.15pm Eurostar back to London. The connections once back in the UK went well and I arrived back home in time to feed the Badgers last night.

Bliss and Misty are doing really well, but we wont know if they will make it until they start to race. They should have been racing by now, but there is a problems with the Export Certificate that the transport people should have applied for when they travelled to France last November. We cant name them until all the paper work is in order. To do that the Horse passports needed to be returned to the UK from France. They were sent from France early last week and should have arrived in the UK by Monday gone at the latest. They have not arrived, so new passports will need to be applied for if they haven’t been received by the coming Monday. That will need a Veterinary describing on paper all of Bliss and Mist body markings, and a renewable passport fee that is more than one we would have to pay for.

The dash to France was a hard two days, but it was well worth it to see Bliss and Misty. Trouble was the drainage work was not finished when I got back to the Farm and I had to help top get it finished.