Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

February 2, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Starling i sitting in my apple tree. Vicky.

Sleeping mute swan taken at Markeaton Park in Derby. Vicky.

Seagulls fighting for food on the river Trent. Vicky.

Sun over the river Trent. Vicky.

In light of the predicted snow, thought this may amuse. Edenfield,Lancashire in 1940 – we don’t have bad winter’s afterall!! Janice Leeds.

We have only had as much snow at Danbury as we have had since 3.30pm today once before, it must have been about seven years ago. Then we got snowed in for a couple of days. By the looks of it it could well be as bad this time. We have had 2″ already.

I put the Badger food out at the normal time tonight, but it looks as if the snow has covered it already, even though instead of spreading it about I put it in a pile. If the Badgers come looking for the food I should think that they will find it. I can see one Badger is feeding on the lower feeding spot.

What I did notice when I went to feed the Badgers were what looked like small Deer foot prints in the snow. There were quite a lot of them leading from the where I leave the footpath to the feeding place. But I did not see any Deer. If I get time tomorrow it is my intention to take Julia and Chris to our new woods, it will be interesting what footprints we see on the way.

I think it was Saturday that the Geese returned to the Lake, they stayed for a good while, with the Goose going onto the Island. I am sure that this pair of geese were the last pair we saw on the Lake last year. Some thing must have taken the Gosling making the Geese fly off. I will increase the height of the electric fence this year, that should protect the Geese nesting. The Electric fencing that we use around the Lake is stranded wire and a 12 volt mains operated electric fencer. It has quite a kick to it that I found out when I accidentally got my foot in between two of the wires. I got three shocks from it, believe me I wont be going back for another dose. On Saturday I found that some thing had also got a shock as one wires had been broken. It would have been very hard to break. On Sunday I found another one of the wires at the other end of the Lake broken. I cant imagine that it was the same animal going back, if it was I don’t think that it will try to get to the Lake for a while.