Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

March 6, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

I am going to look again but I don’t think that there are any photographs for tomorrows Photo Page.

This is the Tree Creeper that seems to like peanuts.It has been coming everyday since we did the National Bird Survey.Before that we hadn’t seen one for years. Lindsay.

Waxwings taken near Nosterfield in North Yorkshire. Lindsay.

Skippool Creek about 2 miles from Cleveleys. This was the port of Poulton le Fylde, and was apparently a major port in the 18th century. Scenes show the roadway and creek during the high Spring tide. Adjoining land has been reclaimed and is now part of the Wyre Estuary Country Park. The Wyre Estuary Country Park includes the whole estuary from Fleetwood and Knott End up river as far as the Shard Bridge. Pam. Cleveleys.

Tide out- road leading to Yacht Club.Pam. Cleveleys.

Tide in – same road showing High Spring tide. Pam. Cleveleys.

View from roadway next to Yacht Club, showing Skippool Creek. with the River Wyre in background. Pam. Cleveleys.

Peter at the Lock is going to put a camera on a Otter Holt next week, that is of course if the Osprey doesn’t turn up.

The other good news is that we are going to host another webcam for SWT on a Peregrine Falcon nest, at their Falls of the Clyde Centre. We sent the camera to them this week and it is in the process of being installed. If all goes well it should be working by the latter part of this month. The camera is a pan, tilt and zoom and will be able to be used to watch other wildlife and interests at the centre.

The other good news, or I hope so is the underwater webcam on the US Virgin Islands. My initial contact on the Island, Michael emailed me on the 2nd of February asking if I would agree to the project being handed over to St. Croix Enviromental Assoc.(SEA) All the permission for the webcam are in hand, but since his email I have been unable to contact Michael. Earlier this week I made contact with the association and emailed their Managing Director Paul Chakroff who will be overseeing the project. I spoke to Paul at this afternoon. Paul is very keen to get the camera installed and will attempt to make contact with Michael over the weekend to get the webcam equipment that I sent to him. Paul will get back to me early next week with an update. Here is the URL for the St. Croix Enviromental Assoc.(SEA) website. Once this webcam is up and running we hope to do another webcam with them. Hopefully Turtles.

I emailed Libor in the Czech Republic today to see what they are going to do on their webcams. There are a few different project that they are hoping to do. Hopefully he will come back to me next week with a decision.

One webcam that I had hoped to do was a Starling roost. All of the places that had a roost did not have a nearby network connection. Two weeks ago it was reported in our local paper that there was a roost in the middle Taunton, about six miles from the Farm. I am sure that if I had of known earlier I could have got a webcam going. If you remember I told you of a large increase of Starling above the Farm last Autumn. I should think that they joined the Taunton roost.

Our relationship with WWT ended last week. As you have probably noticed the cameras have not been on for four months. The previous Manager Neil was moved sideways. Our agreement with WWT about the cameras was undermined by the new Manageress, to the degree that when I went to collect them last week the computer working them had been taken out four months ago. Both cameras were damaged as the heating inside them was off. Unfortunately Neil has been ill for four months and was unable make sure that all was in place to keep the camera working. It was getting to political for me.

We have not heard any news for over a couple of months of the Meerkat webcam. This was being arranged with a third party. I cant now see that one happening.