Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

March 22, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

18.3.09 018-2.JPG – Wood pigeons- “My favourite perch, what do you think”

18.3.09 022-2.JPG – Blackbird

18.3.09 015.jpg – Wren Surprised to see the M + F at our bird table

18.3.09 020.jpg – -Pam

A photo of the Pine Marten I took the other night. Merrilyn.

Elaine reminded us that it is Thornton’s Birthday on Tuesday. How time has gone. Vicky is going to take some photographs of him for Tuesdays Photo Page. That’s of course if he allows her to. For as Vicky and her Family have been spoiling him with treats, now every time he sees any of the Family he gives them a bash with his head to let them know he wants a treat. As you can tell he is well again. I am sure that he was sulking rather than unwell.

I don’t believe any of you saw the Buzzard take a Squirrel off of the new feeding tray David made this morning. We had hoped that the Squirrels would not be able to get onto the new tray, but they found a way. Unfortunately one paid the price, and its cries were not very pleasant to hear. David has put a wooden baffle under the tray, that we had hoped would stop the Squirrels from getting on to the tray this time. But that has not worked, by the time we got back to watch on the webcam the Squirrel had perched its self on the baffle and was happily eating. That’s it, cant waste any more time the Squirrels can get on with it.