Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

June 2, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Duck. Karen.

Hot pink water lilly in our pond. The blooms open during the night and early morning. By noon they starting folding back up. Karen, Florida (USA)

Monarch Butterfly caterpillars forming into their chrysalis (cocoons)
Karen, Florida (USA)

Two pictures taken at Kew Gardens.May 2009. Janice of Leeds.

One our Holiday Guests pointed up to a Bird who was flying high above us this afternoon. The Bird was so high that I could not see what it was other than it was the colouring of a Swallow, it wasnt, or I don’t think it was as it was flying quite slow. The Bird seemed to be playing with something that was in its beak. It was letting the something fall from its beak and flying around to catch it. I saw it happen twice our Holiday Quest a few time more. Strange.

The Chicks on the Hatchery webcam are white Turkeys. Unfortunately our broken computer was repaired after the Chicks had all hatched. Tomorrow there will be Geese eggs that should be hatching any time. I must admit that we are not best pleased with the eggs that we purchased. Out of 35 eggs only one has hatched. The eggs that we got from our Geese have been very successful with all but two that we have put into the incubator hatching, with all of the Gosling being healthy. To be honest I didn’t think that after moving our Geese on to Denbury that we would have had a fertile egg.

We were given three Rhea eggs from Cricket St Thomas. The eggs are from a proven pair of breeding Rhea so with a bit of luck we may have some Rhea at Denbury. The eggs are going into the incubator tonight and take between 36 to 40 days to hatch.