Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

June 10, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

There are only 3 photographs left for tomorrows Photo Page.

Kew Palace. Janice of Leeds

Princess Diana’s Conservatory.Kew Gardens. Janice of Leeds

Waterfall outside Alpine House.Kew Gardens. Janice of Leeds

Chicken-Rhea-Ostrich Eggs.


Cricket St Thomas gave us three Rhea Eggs last week. They were from proven breeding stock, so we are hoping to hatch Rhea. Rhea eggs take about 40 days incubation. We put the eggs in the incubator 7 days ago so in just over a months time as long as the eggs are fertile we may be hatching the Rhea. The photograph of the three eggs show you the different sizes of the eggs compared to a Chicken egg. The Rhea egg is in the middle. The Ostrich egg would not be a good example on size, it is on the smallish size. The yolk of an Ostrich egg is approximately the size of 22 chicken eggs. Now and then when we bred Ostrich we would get a slightly cracked egg caused when being laid we would give them to a local Pub who would put them on their menu.

Rhea are in the classification of Ratites as are Ostrich and Emu. Rhea do tend to be more docile that the others and unlike Ostrich and Emu they can be kept without the need for a dangerous wild animal licence. The Hens are approximately 4 foot tall and the Cock bird about 6 foot. If we are successful with the hatching we will keep the Rhea on the Farm. If all goes well we will show the hatching on the webcam. From tomorrow the hatching webcam will be on with Bantam eggs due to hatch on Saturday. We have now 16 Bantam Chicks of various type and colours. If I get time I will show them on a webcam as there are some very well marked and coloured Birds.