Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

July 2, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

A few more pics from Dungeness ….

Red legged partridge on bird feeder. Jill (Epping)

Painted Lady butterfly on red valerian. Jill (Epping)

Eyed Hawk Moth. Jill (Epping)

“Dead Man” sculpture found on Denge Marsh Gulley shingle beach near power station – its been there for many years, no-one knows who put it there or why! Jill (Epping)

Cattle egret following the cows. Jill (Epping)

There is not enough grazing for the Geese around the Lake and we are having to supplement there feed with corn and bread. I am going to have to let them out of the fence area for part of the day from tomorrow, that is of course if they will leave it. I know I will have to do it but we will need to keep a watchful eye for at about this evening I was talking to one of our Holiday Guests who was fishing on the Lake. He noticed it first. A Fox was running between the Sheep in Reindeer Field, chasing a Cock Pheasant. They went out of sight as the Fox was gaining on the Pheasant and no doubt the Fox caught it. The Sheep who barley moved looked up and a few of them started to make their way towards where the Fox would have caught the Pheasant. It was a hedge that stopped us seeing the outcome of the chase and it could well be that the Pheasant reached the safety of the hedge, that the Fox would have found a bit more difficult to get through than the Pheasant. Why the stupid Bird didn’t take flight I really cant imagine. I do like seeing them around the Farm. And with the Fox so close we will have to make sure he doesn’t try to take any of the Goslings.

Jill, now you have started me off about the thunderstorms. We didn’t get the fore-casted weather that we were promised. It was meant to have started about this morning and passed us by clipping Minehead. Let me tell you we haven’t had a correct forecast since last Saturday. The over paid idiots at the Met Office and BBC have got it completely wrong every day all of this week. If they had managed to get it right we could have made our hay this week. As regulars know I often complain about forecasting, sometimes to the Met Office. If I had the time I would have screamed at them today. We are paying lots of Met Office employees big money to be wrong. They are no better than the Bankers and MPs taking our money under false pretences.