Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

July 14, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Nearly out of photographs again.

Have you checked the adds recently?

Pictures of South Devon, especially for Elsie
The village of Dittisham, from the River Dart, Brixham. Janice of Leeds.

More pictures of Devon. This is the engine ‘Hercules’ which pulls the coaches on the Paignton to Kingsweir steam railway.

Replica of the Golden Hind, Brixham harbour. from Janice of Leeds.

This sheep is on Dartmoor, despite miles of grass it decided to climb a wall and nibble the tufts growing between the stones! Janice of Leeds.

When I came down this morning at about 7. am On changing the webcams over I could see the Geese on the Lake were practicing their flying.
I always go to the Lake to feed them a little later, after seeing to the Horses and letting the Geese and Chickens out. This morning I was a little later than usual. With feed bag in hand I stopped off to speak to one of our Holiday Guests who was fishing on the Lake. Normally within second of reaching the Lake the Geese are swimming towards me. They weren’t. Dave who was fishing had seen them earlier so I walked around the Lake to find and feed them. They were no where to be seen. From where I was I couldn’t even see them on the Pond at the far end of the Lake. As large as they are and with the practice flying they are doing there was no way that they had flown away. I was concerned that a predator had chased them and that they were scattered around and lost.

I made my way to the Pond. There was still no sign of the Geese until I noticed the some of the reeds moving more than what the wind was moving most of the others. The Geese had taken off from the Lake and reached the Pond swimming in between the reeds. I was pleased to see them and as soon as I called they came for their feed. All I hoped was that they would return to the safety of the Lake before the night. There is no protection around the Pond and would be (excuse the pun) sitting ducks to the predators.

I returned to the Lake at about Dave was still fishing and buzzing as he had just caught a 14 1/2lb Common Carp. There was no way that he would have noticed if the Geese were back on the Lake or not. I didn’t need to ask for they were swimming towards me. I didn’t have any feed for them on this visit to the Lake, but as I was leaving they turned around and started to fly, landing just short of the end of the Lake. For a moment it looked as if they were going to fly back to the Pond. It wont be long until they leave Denbury.