Starting from number six there are five new photographs on…

July 22, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Today Chris and I took my Stepson to the Bristol Museum where there is an exhibition by Banksy, the infamous Bristol Graffiti Artist.
It was incredible – and FREE!! We queued for nearly an hour to get in – and it was quite surprising to see people in the queue whom you’d NEVER expect to see there!!

An artistic Monkey – it blinked as it looked at the canvas;

Beautiful Statue – out on the town with a fag and a drink!;

Princess Bunny putting on make-up;

Someone moved the painting… the water ran out!!;

This is one of my favourites – taking a break!;

Some of the photos are a little blurred, this is because, although photography was allowed, flash photography wasn’t.
It really was a great exhibition, so clever and original!

Bristol is not far from the Farm, if only I had the time I would go. Keep checking the adds. And we could do with some more photographs.

The injured Goose seems to have made a full recovery. She is no longer having antibiotics injections and the pillow case that she has been wearing to stop her from pecking at the injury and her stitches has now been taken off. When it was taken off she ran away flapping her wings and honking as if in excitement. The injury looks as if it has healed extremely well and there seems to be no reason why she should have any problems.

One of the two Silkies that we got last week has been taken. We believe by a Tawney Owl. When we get new Chicken we keep them shut in a small house for a few days next to our other Chickens so that they become aware of the surroundings and noises. It works very well. On letting them out they will usually peck about very close to their house and more often than not jump up into it when they go in for the night. We let them both out on Sunday and they did what they normally do, both staying close to each other. At about 8.30pm when it was time to shut up the Chicken houses the White Silkie was missing. We hoped that she had wandered off a little further, and had settled down away for the night. We looked around for over an hour without finding her. We had hoped that she would be about the next morning but there was no sign of her. Later in the day I found what was probably the remains of some of her feathers. It may have been a Fox or Sparrow Hawk that had taken her. I doubt the Fox as he would have caused a lot of commotion with the other Chickens and Geese.
Although the Doves are sometime taken by a Sparrow Hawk there hasn’t been any sightings of one recently.

The reason we believe it was an Owl is that one has been in a tree closest to the Farm House that is very near to where the Chickens are kept. Last night just before it was completely dark I had to go and check on the Lake and the Owl nearly hit my head as it came from the direction of the Chicken houses to the tree. Its a fair assumption that it was the Owl.