Tass and kye came in this afternoon with a pigeon…

July 6, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Tass and kye came in this afternoon with a pigeon nestling in Tass’s mouth. When we are indoors the dogs rarely go more than a few yards from the door, so the nest could only have been very close, unless a Magpie had robbed a nest and Tass and Kye had frightened it off. It could well have been that, as the nestling had a few marks on its neck and body. Tass has on a number of occasions come in the house with nestlings in her mouth. She is very gentle and normally they are not marked. This was the first time that I have seen a pigeon nestling so close, other that on the web cams. With the shape of its feet and beak, it reminded me of picture I have seen in books of a Dodo. We looked around to try to find the nest that it had fallen from without any success. We found one nest that if the Adults had been looking for it, would have found it, but I don’t hold out much hope.

When I spoke to the Manager of The Lock of the Lowe’s centre about week back, he to me then that the Osprey chicks would be fledgling in about two week. So it should be in about a weeks time. They do return to the nest for quite a while after. I had hoped to have seen the new camera up by now. The Centre Manager was hoping to have it working by the time that they had left the nest. If he does we should be able to see them learning how to fish.

The camera that is working at the Butterfly Farm is now positioned on to Locusts. The focus is not very good, but know that they are trying to get it better.