Tass is a different dog than she was before she…

March 6, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Tass is a different dog than she was before she had the puppies. Having Ky with her has brought out her old self, playing and running around with Ky, as she did with her Mother Cass, before she died two year ago. Jade has never been very playful with Tass, I don’t think that she really likes her, they don’t argue but avoid each other, although when Tass first had the puppies she would go to see Jade, as if to tell her that she wanted her to look at her new arrivals, Jade just ignored her. Ky wont be ignored, she makes it a point to go to Jade and lets her know she ain’t gonna be ignored and is going to stay in her face, until Jade acknowledges her. Jade always does, but just to get rid of her, or maybe she pretends and likes the fuss.

As Tass was taught by her Mother Cass, Ky is doing the same with Tass, Tass is showing her what and what not to do. They are out and about with us when ever we are working around the farm, It seems whatever Tass does, Ky wants to do the same, and is starting to get it right, with Tass’s help. When we go up to the muck heap after cleaning the stables, Tass has been made to walk by the side of the Quad and Trailer, in case any vehicles come down our driveway and don’t see her, Ky started by walking at the side of Tass, within a couple of days she was doing the same, now she is the first one waiting. One part she hasn’t grasped, is that you don’t stand in front of a pitchfork load of dung ready to thrown on the muck heap, she seems to be in your face just as you are throwing it up and she gets smothered from head to toe. We have to push over large round bales of hay from a high pile. Tass knows when we are to do it, and makes sure that Ky leaves the barn with her, so that the bales do not fall on her.

After work its dog cleanup time. Dirty muddy dogs is an understatement, the mud hangs from their underside, every day after we finish work, maybe even twice a day, it is hose off time, cold days are not excluded, Cass, Tass and Jade have all, allways tried creeping away to avoid it, Ky hated it for the first week, now she just stands waiting and does not move until the hosing finishes.

Tass and Ky are very close, they sleep and eat with each other and just don’t stop playing. Tass can be a bit rough at times but Ky will normally start the rough play, by running full onto her. You may have seen them on the webcams down the valley. We bred Tass hoping to get a good friend for Tass knowing that Jade wont be here for too much longer. We got every thing we wanted.