That was a bit of an eyeful last evening about…

August 4, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

That was a bit of an eyeful last evening about, there were eight Red Deer Stags all very relaxed and chilling out. I had to go out so I didn’t see what time they left or in what direction they went. Later there was a Roe Deer and Karen saw another Stag early this morning. I haven’t seen so many in a few year as what have been coming to the Valley over the past weeks. A few year ago when there were a lot of Red Stags in the Valley we had a rut here in the Autumn. Who knows we may be lucky this year.

Simon one of this week Holiday Guests has put a hide up in the Valley so that he can try to get some photographs of the Deer. He managed one evening but last night he was up by the Badger Sett. He missed the lot.

This last month or so has been a disaster with the Black Swans. We have lost five that have flown off, I am not best pleased with the people that they came from as I was assured that they were all pinioned or had their wings clipped to stop them flying off. Fortunately they did not cost me anything and they will survive elsewhere. The last three that came consisted of a pair that had bred before so there was a good chance that we would have had Cygnets this Autumn. Not going to happen now as the Female that we introduced yesterday is only eighteen months old so we will have to wait until next year.

The new Pen that we introduced yesterday is being given a bit of a hard time by our Cob. He is chasing her away quite often. Don’t know enough about Swans to know if it is normal. It did not happen last week when the other three arrived. Mind you they must have been hatching up their escape to worry to much about fighting. This morning when I fed the Swans the Cob chased the Pen away when she attempted to join him to eat. I know a Lady who will know and speak to her about introducing Swans to each other.

Simon has taken some photographs of the Swans yesterday and Vicky has some from last week of the three escapees. I will get them put on the new Gallery page. It is possible that the first two who have been here for over a year will return later in the year. Last weeks three I don’t except to see again.

The new Gallery page is a free download for any one who wants to try it. It should take up to 50 photographs and is very easy to use.