That was a bit of luck I went to see…

August 26, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

That was a bit of luck. I went to see if the Sheep were still in the new fenced off area. Two of those that we had not got back, were back with the other Sheep. The other one was as close as the others, but on the wrong side of the electric fence. I wasn’t that concerned that it would go off again, it would stay with the others, even separated by the fence. One of my Lads were coming in the afternoon, and there was three more ready to make an opening in the fence, to then push it around the lake to the opening. Four helpers to one Sheep I admit is a bit excessive, but no way was I taking a chance. In the end it turned out not to be necessary, for as soon as I went to move the Ewe on, she took a running jump and cleared the fence with ease. To make sure that they didn’t decide to jump the other way to make an escape we put another wire a bit higher. As long as you keep the battery topped up, one sting is usually enough to keep them contained within the electric fenced area.

We went for a walk down the valley this afternoon with Tass and Kye. Before the hay grass was cut it wasn’t a very comfortable walk. The grass was taller than the Dogs, with the wet they would come back soaking wet all over, so we haven’t walked the valley as often as we would normally do through the summer. One of the Buzzards flew low and for the whole length of the field by the wood on the right hand side of the valley, squawking all of the time. as we were walking, I am sure it was a protest that we had the cheek to be in its territory. They do catch a lot of Rabbits, with the noise they make the Rabbits must be a bit thick not to run for cover, when they here the Buzzard. Tass kept by our side for most of the walk. With the weather being as warm as it was this afternoon, she was in no mood to be running around the fields with Kye.

As we walked the valley I am always looking for the tracks that the wildlife leave. After the wet summer there are a lot more tracks to be seen than we would normally see through the Summer. There are two places in particular that lead into the wood on the left hand side of the valley, that we have seen tracks for the whole time that we have lived at Denbury. The wood on the left hand side is unfortunately very steep it is a a bit over seven acres. Because of it being so steep it is very rarely visited, other than by the wildlife. It is the area that we regularly see hear the Deer on our walks, without seeing them. When we looked at the two places that we normally see the tracks Badgers, Deer, Fox and a couple of unknown tracks were clearly visible. It does make seeing the wildlife on the cameras that little more interesting, when you know what routes that they have taken.