The are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 13, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

The are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven.

(as promised) a black swallowtail butterfly that I raised. Karen, Florida (USA)

A couple more of the little squirrel. One when he was quite small and the other when he was all grown up ! Lynne.

Hi this is a photo of a cheeky Blue tit taken in my garden. Vicky, Derby.

I took this photo today 11/01/08.Rose W’canton

Vicky, Derby.’t now what happened to the rain we were promised today. Lots of rain and wind were forecast. It was very windy this morning, but very little rain. It started to rain a little when we walked down the valley this afternoon with Tass and Kye. It is still a little windy, but nothing much to worry about.

Kye is starting to try her luck with Tass. She thinks that she can be boss. If we allowed it she would soon take over. Tass is a quite Dog and wouldn’t do a lot to stop it. On our walk this afternoon Kye was being very rough with the playing, not so playing, more like fighting, with a lot of growling and holding Tass around her neck with her jaws. Kye needs to know the pecking order. German Shepherds are very clever Dogs and will quickly learn what is to their advantage.

There are a couple of rooms at the back of the Farm House that we very rarely use. They have been used to store furniture and other degraded household item. When we came to Denbury the entrance to the rooms had been blocked up, the only way into them was by an outside door, at the back of the house. We were told by the previous occupants that during the war the rooms had been used by American Service Men. On a number of occasion after the war they returned to the Farm to visit.

We decided over Christmas that we would get the rooms tidied up to be able to start using them again. Last week we started. As we started sorting through the items in the rooms, we came across mountains of hazel nuts shells and a couple of what must have been Squirrel Drays made of twigs and leaves. The room must have been used by the Squirrels for quite a while. They must have come in through gaps that are under the door and down the chimney.