The Diary will be short tonight as we only decided…

June 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Diary will be short tonight as we only decided that the Horses were going to be stabled overnight at 8.30pm. By the time we have bedded the stables up, hayed and watered the Horses, fed the Badgers, it will be time to sit and watch the telly for half an hour.

I would rather have the Horses out in the Summer, but with the heavy showers for the past few days, the Horses need a rest from it. Woody will only get more ill than she is if she is kept out with continuous rain. Breeze being an Arab and fine coated, chills very quickly, this morning she came in shivering, and after Bliss’s full Brother dying when he was being looked after in Ireland and getting hypothermia, I don’t want Willow out in continuous rain. Willow as all the Foals, find the most comfortable place in the stable when kept in overnight, in the corner on the hay. As I am writing I am looking at her covered in hay, fast asleep.

I don’t know where the time has gone, mid summers day already, and we have not made the hay yet. It needs to be made soon, I like making it when the seed is still on the grass, It is alright at the moment, but if the seed ripens and there is heavy rain most of it gets lost for the hay. Glastonbury looks as if it is going to be a washout again. I don’t know how people continue going year after year, knowing that most years they are going to be squelching around in mud. Some years back I needed to make regular trips to London. On one occasion I had the misfortune to catch a train, that at Reading filled with people going to the festival. When I say it was overcrowded that would be an under statement, with so many people on the train they were having to sit and stand in the centre isle, so tightly squashed in that they were unable to move. If you have experienced the London underground in the rush hour, it was worse than that, if that is possible. To make matters worse the train company had put on an old train without air conditioning. It was the worse train journey that I had ever experienced. The only thing that did make it at all bearable was a young girl sitting on a table, playing a guitar and singing. What a relief when the train stopped at some obscure station and they all departed, in the middle of no where, that the train passes through without anyone noticing.

Yes Ladies, I did see that horrible thing on the feeder, I sure you don’t mind that I didn’t post your entries on the forum. I have been watching the feeding area that they use most, near where I have the cage with the poison in. There seems to be a lot less Rats feeding, although there does not seem a lot of the poison is being eaten. If I remember I will take the feeders down that they were on tonight, it may make them go to the cage for supper. I cringe very time I go to fill the feeders, put the Badger feed out or check for dead ones. Its horrible.