The eggs in the Swallows nest at the top of…

August 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The eggs in the Swallows nest at the top of roof have hatched. It looks like the chicks are a few days old by the down that they have on them. I think that I have counted five chicks. I wasn’t sure if there were any eggs in the nest, It seemed to close from when the first nestlings fledged. Again it looks that the chicks are hot, not really surprised as the roof of the barn is made of corrugated iron, that will attract the heat on hot and sunny days, as it is today. Although it is not over late for for the Swallow chicks to have hatched, it is always a worry that they will not be as strong as they need to be for their migration.

I spoke to the Manager of the Lock of the Lowe’s centre this morning. Any time now the Osprey youngsters will be starting to migrate, the female has not been seen for a couple of weeks now, so we must take it that she has already left the Lock on her migration. She has been breeding for at least nineteen at the Lock, probably for a good deal longer. It only seems such a short while ago, that we started to host the webcams for the centre, it has been a great success and I know that every one has enjoyed the experience. In October the centre is going to have a Pine Martin open evening. When the itinerary is done the manager will put the details on the Diary.

The Buzzard is this years youngster, I would think that it was eating a Pigeon by the colour of the feathers. If I get time I will go down the valley to have a look tomorrow. It could be a Magpie but I reckon they are a bit to cute to be caught by a Buzzard.

Woody has started to act a little strange for the past couple of days. Yesterday evening when she came in for her feed she didn’t seem to know where she was going. She finished up eating the grass on our lawn by the entrance of the farm house. This evening she didn’t move when the other Horses came in for their feed. We finished up taking the feed up to her on the hill. If we hadn’t of taken it to her, she would not have come down for it, definitely not like her to miss a feed.

I believe now that we might be prolonging Woody’s suffering for longer than it needs to be. We would not want to be guilty of that. It is hard to make the final decision, but we must make it for the good of Woody and not for how we think is best for us. It is going to be hard but it is going to have to be sooner than later.