The Ewe and lambs are still doing well the lambs…

March 5, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Ewe and lambs are still doing well, the lambs are feeding and prancing about like spring lambs. Unfortunately the weather has been to bad to let them out into the fields, they are very small and would get very wet and cold and quickly die of hypothermia. We do keep little rain macks for lambs but they would smother these two.

About this time of year a pair of Canada Geese normally start to fly in for their nesting, they start flying onto the lake for hour or so, a few days a week, gradually increasing the amount of time and days. They must be making sure that it is safe, today they were here early and have stayed all day. You know when they are coming and going with their honking call. Normally another pair will try to take over their territory, as do a pair of Swans, they never succeed. Although it would be good to have the Swans nesting on the lake, they would probably be more successful than the Geese who have only managed to keep one gosling alive in the past five years. They always hatch their eggs but they don’t last very long. Although I have never seen the Goslings being taken, I should think the Carrion Crow and Fox must take them.

We have tried every thing we can to try to help them, we even put up electric fences around the lake so that the fox cant get to them, last year they had five Goslings and none of them lasted the day. There is a little island in the middle of the lake were they nest, it is overgrown and a safe refuge, but as soon as they hatch the eggs they take the gosling to the bank which is open and very easy for them to be picked off.