The Ewe and twin lambs have done really well overnight…

March 4, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Ewe and twin lambs have done really well overnight, the lambs have full bellies and are on their feet. One is a Boy (Ram Lamb) and the other a Girl (Ewe Lamb) We were unable to let them out as the weather has been horrible all day, torrential rain and gusting winds, probably the worst day this year. The horses have also had to stay in as it has been so bad.

The twin lambs are Portland, they are a Rare Breed, normally having only one lamb and can find it difficult to keep twins, but they are able to give birth twice a year, so twins were unexpected. Born a tan colour, that probably was the breeds colour many years back, although they will have a tan faces and legs when they get older , as do their parents. We have 9 Portland, 5 Texel the rest being an assortment of cross breeds. I reckon a good few will be in lamb, although we don’t know for sure when any are due, as we allow the Ram to run with the Ewes all year. We walked around all the sheep today to make sure that their were no other unexpected surprises, none of the Ewes udders were springing so we should be okay for a day or two, we will have to check them every day.

The Ewe and lambs are in a stable next to Woody the mare in foal, she is gobsmacked with the sight of the three, as is Branston one of our colts that is free to walk around the yard, he has had his head over the stable door since we put them in the there. I am sure it has helped Woody to perk up.

The Saint of Astronomers must have been looking down on them last night for the Lunar Eclipse, for no sooner than the Eclipse had finished it started to bucket it down and hasn’t stopped. All through the eclipse the sky was the clearest it has been for the past few months. After a lot of resetting we managed to get the telescope working in time to see the full Eclipse, although I had to track it quite a lot manually. I am sorry I did not post it on the notice board earlier, but It was not working until about I am sure all those who viewed it would agree, the picture was excellent.