The Father Christmas Webcams are now working The Bloodstock Auctions…

December 6, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Father Christmas Webcams are now working.

The Bloodstock Auctions are just about finishing and I have not managed to purchase another in Foal Broodmare. I have been glued to the computer for the past four days, with sale catalogue and Stallion guide in front of me, watching the live webcam from the sale. I have been bored to tears. The only times that I have left the computer was when I went to feed the Horses, Sheep and Badgers. That had to fit in to what the sales catalogue was telling me was coming in to the sales ring.

Over the four days I bid on nine Broodmares. When I fancied a horse that was in the sales ring, I would phone a person I know who was at the sales, and he would put in my bids. It is a little bit difficult trying to buy that way, as the video is about thirty seconds behind real time. One Horse that I phoned the person to bid on was sold by the time I had got through to his mobile phone. Another one that I missed was because the Postman knocked on the door.

There were a lot more Horses that I fancied, but I knew that it would be a waste of time bidding, the prices would have been more than I wanted to pay. I was a bit surprised with some of the high prices that a lot of the Horses went for. There is so much over production of Bloodstock, that the market is in for a big crash. The large majority of Horses produced don’t run a race in their life, in fact a lot are not even broken. A lot a this sale were three and four year old Fillies that were put into Foal that had not raced. A lot of the over production is caused by the tax breaks that the Irish Government allows the Breeders in Ireland. The Foal sales a couple of weeks back, saw many that did not get bids on, let alone sell. An Irish person that I know is going to get me a Filly Foal to run with Willow for a year or so. It is going to cost very little money, only a small amount of what the Stallion covering fee would have been, let the cost of keeping the Broodmare. He is also looking out for a Broodmare in Foal for me.

I was unable to place any bids today as the person who had been bidding for me went home last night. There were two that I would have bid for. They went for more than I would have wanted to pay. I would have needed to use a Bloodstock Agent, If I had wanted to buy a Horse today. I try to avoid using Bloodstock Agents, they all know each other and make their profit out of the commission they get through buying and selling in the same auction. They also know most of the bigger breeders. I am sure you will know where I am coming from.

I also had a bad experience on the first and only time that I did use a Bloodstock Agent. I wanted a couple of Yearling for the Horse Partnerships that I was trying to get going. My instructions to the agent were that the Yearling should be from a winning Dam, ready to be trained, be able to run as a two year old’s and attractive Horses. After weeks of trying to buy me what I wanted, the agent phoned me from an auction in Ireland telling me that he had purchased two Fillies for me. We were all very excited in anticipation on what he had purchased for us. I was gutted when the two Fillies arrived. Both were very immature and would never had made two year old races. One also had Sweet Itch, a very nasty condition caused by midges that bite them, as they do us. Some Horses are very prone to the condition, although it is rarely seen in Bloodstock. It causes Horses to have very bad irritation, making them try to get rid of the itch by rubbing. As the midges bite in the tail and main area, the Horses finish up with very little of both. It is also not very nice to see the Horse suffering. The are various potions, lotions, injections and rugs that can be used to try to stop the condition. None are very successful.

The agent got most annoyed when I told him that I didn’t want the two Fillies. They were not what I wanted or asked for. He came out with a load of old rubbish about the Sweet Itch not being a problem, he even got a Veterinary in to look at the condition. The Veterinary sent by mistake a copy of his report to me, that didn’t please the Agent much. The Veterinary tried to cover himself by sending me another report. As one of my Friesian Stallions that I owned, for the funerals that we did for Undertakers had the condition, I knew more about it than most. It would have put the Horse very backward with any training that it did. That is if it could be trained at all. Needless to say I fell out with the Bloodstock Agent. After a couple of weeks the Horses that he had purchased were collected, and that was the last that I heard.