The Father Christmas Webcams are now working We had to…

December 7, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Father Christmas Webcams are now working.

We had to get the Sheep in this afternoon. The weather has been awful for the past few days and although Sheep do stay out, bad weather will bring them down. A couple of them looked a bit low, especially the Portland Ram. He is no spring chicken, and wouldn’t have long to go. I really should have kept one of the other Rams that I sent to Market, but I felt sorry for the old chap. If I had kept two Rams there would have been fights, with the young Ram trying his luck, for sure he would have taken over.

All the Sheep are now in the Barn. Unfortunately I sent the only reel of the coax wire that sends the signal for the camera, to a new location that we should be doing in the new year. If I had the wire I would have put a camera up in the Barn so that you can see the Sheep in the barn. The wire should be back with me on Monday, and I should be able to have the camera working by Tuesday at the latest.

I had hoped that the Sheep would have followed a feed bag when we moved them. The Barn is only fifteen yards from where they were fenced in around the lake. Of course being Sheep they didn’t follow the bag. As soon as they got out of the fenced area they got their heads down and starting munching away on the grass. Mind you the grass was definitely greener on the other side, so you couldn’t blame them. At least they didn’t have it on their toes, much to all of our relief. We couldn’t leave them out without being fenced in so we had to move them manually. I hope any of you who manage to see the sorrowful episode, could not lip read. If you did and could, I apologise. I am not very patient when it comes to Sheep. Some of them are very friendly, that being the case, and those that are not, you would have thought that they would have been by now, with me feeding them every day. There are three or four that keep away from me every time that I go in with them with hay. Being Sheep when they run away most of the other run with them. Dolly, Minty and Ramsden are normally are the exceptions.

We easily caught Dolly and Minty, and they were carried over to the barn. The others had us running about a bit, it could have been worse. In the end we managed to pen in a few at a time and carried those over to. The weather forecast is not good for a few days, at least, so they will be kept in the Barn until it looks as if it is going to be more settled, for a while. I will make up my mind about it. But it would be good for you to be able to see the Sheep lamb.

I had hoped to have been able to show you the Remote Duck working over the weekend. To be honest I wished that I had never started it in the first place. Believe me I hate the duck. If it was real I would have eaten it by now. The engine is in, and working, but I am having problems with the steering. The propeller and rudder are a special one piece unit. To posh really for what I am doing, but it seemed the easiest way of getting the Duck working. I have had to make various additions to the steering, but every time I go to move it a part comes undone. I think that I have found the solution, well I hope I have. I phoned a shop this morning, and were they helpful. They sell Remote Controlled Helicopters they really were the most helpful people I have spoken to about the Duck. If get the Duck working I may get a Helicopter to look around the farm with a camera. Buzzflyers are sending me the parts that they think will solve the problem that I am having with the steering. They are no going to charge me either. If you know any one who is looking to buy a Remote Controlled Helicopter, let them know about Buzzflyers. Once I know that the Duck will float and swim around the lake, I will fit the camera. I hope that will be a bit easier.