The fish and chips shop we use in Minehead is…

September 5, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The fish and chips shop we use in Minehead is called the Sheppards Plaice, Alcombe Road. It has recently been taken over. Although the food is very good and cooked fresh why you wait, is just a tiny bit not as good as it was, with the previous owners. Don’t dare use the shops that cater for the holiday makers, it crap. There is a little place on the front at Minehead, we were quite late and went and ordered from it. They got the fish out of a packet. Needless to say we finished up being a little later. Don’t know what they did with our order, but I reckon the Gulls would have turned their nose up at it.

The main badger camera has been up for about two and a half years. I have told you before that it is on a telegraph post a least thirty foot up in the air. None of us a Denbury are keen on height, properly an understatement. The Lads are better than me with heights, but they would not go up the telegraph post. When I first came to Denbury I could hardly stand on a chair without being petrified, three rungs up a later and that was about it. In the past three years since I have been doing the webcams, I have got a lot better, but I am still not happy at the top of a small ladder. The picture quality of the cameras that are high up, do suffer as they don’t get cleaned as they should. Rain stains, cobwebs and dirt ruin the picture quality. A while back I told you that I thought that I would have to change the main Badger camera as I was having a little trouble with it. Fortunately the problem sorted it self out, although one of kind viewers did offer us assistance with changing the camera.

Hopefully we should now not have that problem any longer, for a kind company has donated to us a real posh, proper CCTV tower that tilts over with a winch. Today my Lads have been digging the hole to put in the bolts to hold the tower in place. As the tower weighs nearly 200 kilo the hole has got to be very big to hold the tower in place. Tomorrow we will be concreting the hole to secure the bolts. I should think that we will need to mix over a tonne of concrete. All I hope is that it is not to hot, like it was today, or it is going to be hard work. I suppose you can guess that we have finished making our last hay, by not wanting it to be to warm. Once the bolts are concreted in we will need to wait a week, to make sure that the base is really strong, for the weight of the tower. Of course we then have the problem of getting the camera down from the telegraph pole. When it is done it will make the keeping the camera clean and maintained a lot easier.