The Geese eggs hatched today I really didn t know…

May 11, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Geese eggs hatched today, I really didn’t know until I scanned around the lake this afternoon. I counted four Goslings. I thought that there was about ten days to go before the eggs were due to hatch. I wanted to get something up to frighten the Carrion Crows and Rooks from taking them. As soon as I saw the Goslings I went over to our farm suppliers, a round journey of thirty miles, to see what bird scarers they had. I have a banging bird scarer, but that is liable to scare other wildlife and the Horses.

I managed get two scarers with bright coloured eyes that are meant to turn in the wind. They didn’t turn very well, as they were poorly made. I should think that I will be taking them back to the suppliers. I have put them around the lake for now, I am sure that it is not going to stop the Goslings from being taken by their predators. Last year they were all gone in the first day. There has been a workman repairing our driveway very near the Geese, I should think that is why none have been taken today. It does sadden me when I see them disappearing.

Unbeknown to me, whilst I was collecting the scarers, Bliss and Misty were let out into the main Horse field. I had wanted to let you see them turned out on camera. They did have a mad ten minutes running around , kicking and bucking. Bliss ran back to the gate and her brakes didn’t work to well, It didn’t help as it had just rained cats and dogs, and she skidded into the gate. fortunately she did not hurt herself. The Fillies would not have been let out, if the forecast had said it was to rain as it has this afternoon. You would reckon with all the satellites and equipment these meteorologists have, they would manage to forecast it right more often than they do. We will let Lady and the Foal out with them in the morning and Breeze and Arnie tomorrow afternoon. There will be a bit of running about then. I will let them out at about if you want to see them.

I am pleased some of you managed to see the Deer last night on camera 1. They were a small herd of Red Deer. If you noticed they were a lot bigger than the Roe Deer that we usually see. One of the best ways to recognise the Red Deer is that they are mostly quite deep in the barrel. If you saw the last one go out of sight it was on its way to towards the Farmhouse. I will see if they are about tonight, but the Red Deer are not as territorial as the Roe Deer.

Hopefully you have seen the Swallow camera. I did not manage to count how many eggs were in the nest, If I remember I will count them tomorrow. It was good to see the two Red Squirrels in the nest box at the SWT centre. I just wonder if it is going to happen. They have received the new miniature colour camera for the nest box, that I sent them. If Red Squirrels keep returning you should soon see them in colour.

Going by Barry’s entry on the forum today, Rye Harbour is having a bit of trouble with the bigger Gulls, that are taking the Black Headed Gull and Common Terns eggs. Last year they had Gulls nesting on the web cams, it was very good with a not a particularly good camera. This year it should be pretty spectacular with the camera in the position it is and the excellent pictures that they are producing.