The honking Geese leaving the lake woke us early this…

March 6, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The honking Geese leaving the lake woke us early this morning, and what a morning they woke us too. The sun was shining and the birds singing, what a change from the past two days, the worst this year. The fields are sodden and the wind was so fierce last night, that the main badger camera post was swaying so bad I thought that it may have snapped, it is over thirty foot high and in an exposed position. When we took Tass And Ky for a walk up the valley I went to put the camera on, it would not work as the wind had broken the electric wire. It is a very long wire and It may take a couple of days to find the break, but we will be showing them as soon as soon as it is repaired.

The lambs look good this morning prancing around and enjoying themselves, if the weather looks like it is going to stay fine I will let them into the fields. I forgot that the horse camera would pan onto them. I have had them on camera this morning. I did not let them out as it became overcast and this evening we are having heavy showers.

Over the past weeks the Badgers have been getting too brave when I go to feed them, they are out when I go up to the sett and are getting to close to me. They must not get humanised and believe that they are safe with humans. Shooing them did make them go back to the sett, until I had put the food down, but not so much now. I will have to take some thing to rattle when I next go up.

Last year two females had cubs, normally only one in the sett gives birth, between them they had five cubs and I am sure that so many cubs have given them more confidence between themselves and don’t see me as a threat at all.