The Lock of the Lowe s fitted a new camera…

July 28, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Lock of the Lowe’s fitted a new camera today. A close up of where the Red Squirrel and Pine Martens can be seen. I had hoped that they may have got the Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera up and working, so that we could have seen the Osprey fledglings learning to catch fish from the Lock. With a bit of luck they may get it installed before the Ospreys migrate in a few weeks time.

I know why the Kingfisher perches on the branch now. Both last night and tonight I have seen some very large fish swimming nearby it. Going by the size of the branch the fish must be at least a foot and a half long, probably weighing more than 10lb. Mind you a fish that size would be able to swallow the Kingfisher. There were a lot of fish in that area, that a Kingfisher would make a meal of.

I didn’t post it on the forum, but some one mentioned that they prefer the cameras at Denbury and Lock of the Lowe’s, because that some of the other locations were distant and were not on that good of wildlife. We supply all of the cameras and we know what work does go into installing and keeping them going. Fixed cameras cant be altered at will, and would have been installed for a specific reason. One of the Rye Harbour cameras has a minor problem and cant be put right until the Gulls have finished nesting, or the Gulls may abandon the young. Alteration do take place from time to time to keep you all interested.

Karen mentioned that Springwatch were always looking for new locations. Our webcams have been offered to the BBC and will always be available to them. This year they put on very good web cams, but nothing that they could not have got from using our web cams, which would have saved them many thousands of pounds. In fact I reckon going by the content, that they got their ideas from us. To make matters worse we had some outside contractor, who was working for the BBC on the Springwatch production, emailing me telling that I was taking their ideas and that I was claiming to be the provider of the BBC webcams. He also assured me that the BBC would make me stop. I couldn’t even be bothered to answer his email. We were one of the first doing webcams and have done a few very firsts in the bargain.