The Lock of the Lowe s Osprey Diary reported that…

May 31, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Lock of the Lowe’s Osprey Diary reported that the last born chick had died last night. For a few days, a number of those using our Forum, could see that it was struggling to get the food that it needed. The Manager of the Centre told me that nearly every year, all the chicks have fledged. Yesterday was a very wet and cold day at the Lock, the female had a choice of feeding the chick or letting it get cold and wet. What ever she chose the Chick was likely to die.

When I checked on the Locks camera two this morning, there was a view of the Lock. I thought that the new cameras had been installed. The camera that was looking at at the tree, that the Osprey nest is in, had been moved to show the lock. The camera has quite a wide angle, so you can see how close the Lock is to the centres building. The camera when showing the Lock, is showing the place where the Osprey has been seen to fish. When the new PTZ camera does get working there should be some spectacular viewing.

One of the baby Swallows was not in the nest when I turned the camera on this morning. They seemed very restless last night. It seems that the nest was to small to hold the five chicks, and one must have fell out in the night. I did spend some time looking around the barn to find it. The other nest I have a camera looking at, is a bit of a mystery. When I found that the nest was being used, I thought that I had counted two eggs. On checking it again today, there were two eggs. I have seen the Swallows visiting the nest from time to time, and even one sitting on the nest, but for not a long, as maybe they should. Alex’s Chloe, reckons that the chicks look funny. They remind me of the American Boxing Promoter Don King. Any other people that they or any of the other animals remind you of? Be careful I wont put up any thing to derogatory.

Quite a number of Bats were flying around the lake last night. When I put the new IR lamp up, I had not expected to see such a display of Bats, as I did last night. You can see them flying around the fields on the valley camera, but not to the extent, and as close as last night on the lake. We have Bats in our loft and in the barns that have not been converted, although when I look for them in our loft, I can never find them. We know we have them, as the fly out from different places of the roof space. When it gets dark, if we look into the roof space with a torch, there are always Bats flying about.

The Telescope is nearly ready to start again, I didn’t try to finish getting it completely ready, as the forecast was against clear skies tonight. Wrong again Mr.Met Man. To be able to set the Telescope up, I need a align it to two stars, when that is done it will follow what ever it is being tracked, more accurately. There is a piece of equipment called a SkyScout. I need one. It is very clever. All that you need to do is to point it to a Star and it tells you the name of that Star. The stockist in the UK, have not had them delivered as yet. They are manufactured in the USA. There suppliers are not allowed by the manufacturer to send them outside of the Country, or they will lose their franchise. However they are able to be paid for outside the USA, as long as they are posted to a USA address. They can then be sent to the UK. Is there anyone in the USA able to help. I have found a supplier who will take payment with my credit card and I will of course send the postage. If so please email me at

What a lovely surprise we had in the post today, addressed to Mr & Mrs. Farmer. A very pretty Thank you Card. I hope you don’t mind me mentioning your name, but it was very kind of you Alex. The card was what you would call a pop-up card, depicting a Blue Tits nest with chicks and a Blue Tit with springy wing flying to the nest. Very appropriate. And again thank you.