The new webcam is of a Robins nest with five…

April 16, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

The new webcam is of a Robins nest with five eggs in it. The Robin started to sit the eggs today. The nest has been built in a new kitchen cabinet carcass that has been in the building for three years. We have never got round to finish converting to a cottage, so I reckon the Robin thought that there was a good chance that she would not be disturbed. The is not the best image we have shown but unfortunately the Robin decided to nest in between two shelves that are not six inches apart and the space is quite dark, so I have needed to use a very small spy type camera. We have shown a Robin nest before, about two years ago. The Bird had nested deep into a stack of hay bales but some how near to hatching a Magpie raided the nest. You can never be sure but this nest seems a lot safer in the place it has been built.

The Swans and Canadian Gander are just about putting up with each other. One day the Gander will be intimidating the three Swans, the next day it is the other way round. You would think with the difference in sizes and that there are three Swans that the Swans would have the upper hand but the Gander wont let them take liberties. I should think that when the Goslings hatch there could well be some fireworks. I am a little concerned about the times the Goose leaves the nest. I cant remember the eggs being left for so long in previous years and it is still quite cold.

We still only have two Emu Chicks. There are still 40 to 50 eggs in the incubator so we may be lucky and get some more. We did let people have about a 100 eggs from us and there has been up to a 75% hatch rate so there is nothing wrong with the egg fertility. It doesn’t look to promising with the Emu who are sitting eggs in the Emu Field, I think most have gone well over their time. Our Rhea are now laying regularly so we will start to incubate some of their eggs once we have enough to incubate.

The Sheep that we were unable to catch a the end of last year have been causing themselves a nuisance with our neighbours so we had to get Alex our Sheep Shearer with his Dog Meg to get them in for us. Trouble was they had to go into the Field that Edwin now lives. Meg was very wary to go into the Field, and Alex having never seen an Emu before wasn’t even with my assurance as to his safety to keen. Well I have not laughed so much in a long time for Edwin decided that at full speed and Emu really can motor along he was going to chase Meg. Alex must have thought I have not told the truth about his safety for he was continually looking over his shoulder in concern. They were both well pleased to be out of the Field. The Sheep with Ewys help were not to easy to round up and we only managed to get five of the nine into the Barn, Ewy taking herself and three other Ewes in a different direction. Alex was meant to return but we haven’t seen him. It could well be that he is concerned for his safety. The way Edwin played up I cant blame him. I hope Alex didn’t hear me laugh.

You have probably notice that the Rats at the Badger feeding places have gone. Cant say that I miss them. Those on the main Badger feeding area must have died through the cold in the Winter. I managed to get rid of those in the lower area.

In about another two weeks time the 1st of May the Horses go out for the Summer. It has been a hard Winter at Denbury. A lot colder and wetter than I can remember before. Having the Emu, Rhea and Swans increased our workload that made it difficult to do a regular Diary. Once the Horses go out there will be less work to do and I will do a Diary more often.