The Photo page has increased to 15 1 and 2…

December 17, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Photo page has increased to 15 1 and 2 the Butterflies. Scroll down to see the other today’s additions starting at Pats Poppy.

Mr. Farmer, attached are 2 photos of butterflies that I raise. The single butterfly is a Giant Swallowtail nectering on Pentas in my garden. The others are Monarchs that are nectering on various flowers. The Monarchs are inside a butterfly house that my husband and son built for me. I raise them from eggs, to caterpillars to butterflies. After the butterflies lay eggs inside of the butterfly house, I release them outside. The butterflies stay around my yard nectering on the flowers in the garden. I love the butterflies and it is a very fascinating hobby plus it helps populate the butterflies back in the wild. Karen, Florida, USA

Hi Mr. Farmer, Herewith a photo of our little Poppy lounging in one of her favourite places. It was taken three years ago. Poppy died, aged 15yrs. She was born feral in some one’s outhouse and a friend found out about the litter and asked if we wanted one of the kittens. We said we would love one and what a beauty she turned out to be, she was a Persian cross. She was a lovely pet and is sorely missed by my family and Busby & Penny (our other cat). Pat


Canada Geese at Golden Acre Park near Leeds.

Hi Mr. Farmer, Staying on the birds theme I attach a couple more. One of a beautiful pheasant which came up to us at Chatsworth House. The other I have to admit is not one that I took but it is so good I have to show everyone. It is of a male Sparrowhawk which was sent to me by a friend who lives in Scotland. Pat

It is going to be a short Diary tonight, as I have Ministry Farm paperwork to do. You would never believe the paperwork Farmers have to do. The amount of literature, mostly unimportant that we get every year must be using a rain forest in trees to produce.

I was contacted by a Lady last night, about the Badgers. The Lady hadn’t looked at the webcams for a while. On looking last night she couldn’t see any, and was concern if any thing had happened to them. They are a lot quieter this time of year. Badgers don’t hibernate, but will stay in their Setts, some times for many days in prolonged cold and very wet conditions. The Badger in our Sett don’t like heavy winds either. The Winter of the first year that we did the webcams, we had a longish period of time without seeing the Badgers. Since then we have seen them every day. Although they come out at different times in the Winter.

I phoned the previous owners of Eminent Lady our new Broodmare. She belonged to a Stud Farm that have a number of very good Stallion, one of them being Trans Island, the Sire that Eminent Lady is in Foal to. As I expected the Mare didn’t have a Stable name, she was known by her racing name. We cant call her Lady, so we have given her Emmi as her stable name. They told me that she like her food. The way I was told I think that they were suggesting she was greedy. Mind you I haven’t noticed that yet, if anything she is not eating her feed as I would expect. They also told me that the Foal is due on the 20th of February, nine weeks away. A lot early than I was told. As Horses can give birth a month early I will be watching from the middle of January. They also told me what the Foal is. You will have to wait and see. Cruel, yes why not.

The Foal wants to be friends with us, she is a bit nervous, but it wont take long for her to come around. Her eyes are a bit runny, it could be a cold, I will see how she is in a couple of days. If it persists I will get something from the Veterinary to treat it with. She does look a bit scruffy and sad. Most of that is caused because she has her winter coat. She wouldn’t have been rugged, so her coat will grow to help her keep warm. I am calling the Foal, her and she, I forgot that we had given her Gypsy as her stable name.