The Squirrels have started to use the Squirrel feeder that…

April 8, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Squirrels have started to use the Squirrel feeder that can be viewed by the main Badger camera. Once we put a Bird feeder nearby, the Squirrel soon found the feeder. There were two on it this morning, having a push and shove to see who was going to stay. It is a good spot to get an obstacle course set up. I will give the Squirrels another week to get use to where the feeder is, then I will put up another post with a piece of wood between the two posts. Something easy to start with, so they are not put off by it. I saw one some years back, there were some difficult challenges for the Squirrels to do, before they got the peanuts, but they always worked it out.

We tried to move the sheep again today, they were having none of it. I have had to put a pen up, made of gates, and have started to feed them in it. The idea is that when there are a good few Sheep in the pen, I will close a gate behind them. I can then handle them to get them in a trailer, and take them up to the field that we have prepared for them.

Anyone who had seen last nights diary about the fish, and had seen the fish that I had on camera today, would have thought that I was romancing about the size of them. I looked a good few times to see if there were any good sized fish. All that were there were five to eight inch fish. Quite a few of them were Tench, the first time that I have seen any, other than what had been caught by people fishing.

Because of the number of cameras that are installed at Denbury, I have to have quite a sophisticated setup, that allows me to change over the cameras, so that they are able to be viewed on camera one and camera two thumbnails. I also have CCTV monitors that allows me to view any one, or all of the cameras privately. My television is a monitor. Without a Sky box I would not be able to watch television on it, but I am able to watch one, or all of the cameras on the monitor, I can also watch them in picture in picture. So there is not a lot I should miss. The reason I mention this, is that I watch the valley camera more than any other, except Lady’s camera. Just recently I have seen very little going on down the valley, which is a surprise, considering the area it covers, and with the woods on both sides. The IR lamps make the eyes stand out of any animal that may come into view. I use to very often pick up wildlife, but it has gone quite. Let me know on the forum if you see anything. After Lady has her foal, I will leave the valley camera on over night.