The Tawney Owl that has been perching on the pole…

October 5, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Tawney Owl that has been perching on the pole down the valley, was hunting in the Badger field last night. It was hunting vermin and voles that we are encouraging when we feed the Badgers. It does give me a bit of a problem with the amount of rats that are in the area. I need to try to poison the rats or at least get the numbers down. But if an Owl catches a poisoned rat, the poison that the rat has eaten will kill the Owl. We have tried different ways to trap the rats rather that poison them, but we haven’t managed to catch one as of yet. It doesn’t look as if the Badgers are leaving any of the feed that I put down, but I suppose the rats must be getting something, or they would not stay. The other problem that we have is that the Badger Sett is very close to the Farm House, so the rats are as well.

Bliss and Misty are getting better being led every day, and their coats are starting to look good with the daily grooming that they are getting. The trouble is that this extra contact with the two Fillies, starts to make you think twice about selling them at all. I even started to make enquiries in to the training fees today. It is an expensive hobby, the price that I was quoted ranged from