The twin lambs are doing very well today The Ewe…

March 15, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The twin lambs are doing very well today, The Ewe is eating the grass and is looking a lot brighter, even calling out for the lambs, when she cant see them. The Ewe lamb has been getting a little milk from the Ewe with one lamb, she will creep up to the Ewe whilst her lamb is feeding, attaching herself onto the spare teat. It does not take the Ewe to long to realise what is going on, and she butts the lamb away, but a least it has been getting a little feed that otherwise she would not have got.

When ever we take Tass and Ky for a walk down the valley, we inevitably come in view of the sheep, more often on the other side of a stream and hedgerow and as far as 300m to 400m away. Without fail, in fear they will run to make a tight flock. It was caused last year, a little while after we got the sheep, when a friend rode through the farm on her horse, she always had in tow three or four dogs. She did not realise one of her dogs had not followed her off the farm and was attacking the sheep, fortunately I had the valley camera on, in a flash across the camera monitor I could see the dog was chasing one of the Portland sheep, I was lucky to have seen it. It took several minute to get to were the attack was happening, seeing me the dog ran off. One of the sheep was just getting up after the attack and ran back to the flock, a Portland was lying as if dead, as I got to it, it got up and ran off in panic to the wood, with blood on its fleece. It took us four hours to find it, it had tucked itself under a fallen tree in the wood, we were taking it back to the farm to treat the wounds when we saw another injured Ewe in the hedgerow, she had obviously been there for the four hours and was in a sorry state.

We had to treat the Ewes for many weeks, but unfortunately the Portland died, the crossbreed lived, she is a very friendly Ewe, but it has taken many months for her to get back to her old self. What I cant understand is that our German Shepperd’s look very fox like, the sheep will sit chewing the cud, spread over a large area in the middle of the night, with Fox walking within feet of them, and they don’t take a blind bit of notice. They see the dogs and they panic.

The annual frog mating period is just about finishing, for the past few nights our drive, that is about 300m long has been full of many hundreds of frogs making their way to the lake to spawn, there are so many on the drive, that to get in our out of the farm we have to walk in front of the car moving the frogs to the side, it can take as long as ten minutes for a minute journey. How many are in the area making the pilgrimage I cant imagine. For the amount of frogs going to the lake, we get very few tadpoles.