The twin lambs did not look too good this morning…

March 13, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The twin lambs did not look too good this morning, both were calling out and obviously had not been feeding as they should, The Ewe was definitely unhappy, scouring, pawing the ground and not eating, a good sign that she was likely to have a tummy upset, we gave both the Ewe and the lambs a glucose solution to give them energy. The Ewe is on antibiotics and the lambs will be bottled fed to supplement what the Ewe is giving them. Just before sunset I the Ewe having a little nibble at the grass, with luck she is over the worse. The lambs will have to have a couple of feeds tonight.

On checking the other Ewes none were seen to be getting ready to lamb, I think that the lambing will go on for a month or so, it may well make me to decide next year to separate the Ewes and Rams until I want them to mate. It brings all the lambing work in a shorter period.

I saw nine badgers feeding tonight, none were limping or holding their weight off of their legs. It could say one of two things, it may be that the injury has got better or it may even be that the injured Badger may not have come out tonight and that there are still ten Badgers in the sett.

Woody has got over her illness and is feeling good. Lady’s udder is now starting to get bigger, a good sign foaling is not far away, it is now advisable to check her udder every day, for a good sign that foaling is imminent is that the tip of the teat has a little wax over it, this is natures way of stopping any seepage from the udder for the first milk is colostrum that is vital that the new born foal has within the first six hours. Although you don’t see it every time.