The Veterinary came today Lady is perfectly alright It is…

April 23, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Veterinary came today, Lady is perfectly alright. It is just a case of waiting and being patient. Believe me I am not a very patient person, probably the most inpatient person you would know. I am setting the alarm for every hour and checking Lady on the camera with the monitor in our bedroom. Thank goodness for that, I remember well when I had to go to the stables every hour, Its not very nice. I have a couple of times turned the alarm off in my sleep, that is a worry for I know that Lady should be able to foal on her own, but it is just not worth taking the chance. Whats the add on the TV, one Supermarkets have a special no bag checkout week, this week. We will be alright with the bags under our eyes. I reckon some of you Ladies wont have a problem either.

The Veterinary had a look at Woody. Seeing her every day we tend not to see a lot of difference in her condition, we knew that she had lost a bit of weight. The Veterinary since he last came noticed a lot of weight loss. When Veterinary came Woody looked okay, when I looked in whilst checking Lady out before I went to bed, she was up and looking fine again, all day long she has been up and about. Whilst in Foal there is little more we can do for her, other than giving her a pain killer. I am starting to think that there is some going on inside Woody, that is a bit more sinister than what I have been thinking.

Went to check the Sheep earlier today, what do you reckon, the four I put up the end last night have had it away. I had electric fenced the boundary of the field off so that they would not stray into other peoples land. Unfortunately the nettles and grass had grown so that they were touching part of the wire, this reduces the power of the fencer. Electric fencers are run off of car battery, they give enough sting so that animals do not want another one, it keeps them in the boundaries of the fence, sounds not particularly nice, but it does not in any way hurt them. As we try to encourage wild life our fencing is not really suitable for normal farm animals. Anyway the ten that had got stung before the grass was touching the wire are still there. The new ones, probably did not get any sting at all. I have had to strim all around the field under the wire. Where the Sheep our now, who knows, I saw a of them in the wood but they did not hang about when they saw me.

I will watch the Hedgehog web cam being set up by a forum writer. I have never seen a hedgehog in Somerset. When I live in London I often saw them in our garden.

Tell you what Elsie, I have lived here for a good few years and never noticed that tree, it is beautiful when in flower. If I remember I will get a close up of it tomorrow at about 7.30pm, for five minutes. Someone may know what it is.

Both of Rye Harbour web cams are now working.