The web cams are now back on We had a…

May 3, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The web cams are now back on. We had a minor problem that has now been rectified.

Rather than spoil the news that Lady gave birth to the Filly Foal early Tuesday morning, I held back the sad news that Woody also foaled on Tuesday night, the Foal being still born..

Woody has been very ill for some weeks and I had thought that she would have aborted earlier on. The Foal was very small and had not developed properly and had not breathed. Woody completely ignored the dead Foal and had absolutely no attachment to it. If she had, we would have left it in the stable with her.

It was very sad but was the best thing that could have happened as far as Woody was concerned. She had not produced any milk to feed the Foal. If it had been alive I do not believe it would have survived for long. I sure you will all understand why I kept the news from you until today.

We are keeping Woody comfortable, but we are very concerned for her. We are turning her out in the field of a daytime with Lady and the Foal, to hopefully get her to eat the spring grass that will do her a lot of good. We will not allow her to suffer and we will keep you updated with any news we can give you, and not hide any thing from you as to her condition. What ever the outcome Woody will not be put in Foal this year.

Lady and the Filly are doing really well. The Filly gets more confident every day, we hope to introduce her to the other Horses very soon. With the loss of Woody’s foal the new Filly will not have a companion, not so much now, as Breeze will, when Lady allows her, run with the Filly, and of course last years Foals Bliss and Misty are only youngsters, and will also run with her. It is when she is weaned that she will need company. I will look to buy another Mare with a Filly Foal at foot.

The Scottish Wildlife Trusts web cams are now running real-time and will be on our site tomorrow. When our cameras are installed over the weekend you will hopefully be able to see as well as other animals and birds, Pine Martin and Red Squirrel. You can see live images now on let me know what you think of our new addition.