There are 15 new photographs on the Gallery 1 Thornton…

March 6, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are 15 new photographs on the Gallery.

1. Thornton nephew or niece. Haven’t checked yet.

2. Thornton with the same neck markings. Vicky

3 to 7 Ducks. Lynne

8 to 10 Barn Owls. Simon

11 to 13 Our Geese on the Lake from last year. Vicky. Sent in so that I can see if they are last years. That your job on the 17th.

14 – 15 The Taunton Starling roost. Must admit although I promised I forgot. When I realised I asked a couple of Businesses that I know on the industrial estate if I could install a camera using there computer. They wouldn’t have none of it. There are flats that overlook the roost @I will knock and ask a couple of people. They may just think that I am not the ticket.

Also not done on purpose, all the photographs were sent in by people who have holidayed at Denbury other than Lynne. Lynne is coming this year as are the others on return visits.