There are 15 new photographs on the Photo Page Lynne…

February 22, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are 15 new photographs on the Photo Page. Lynne said that it was about time I got rid of the Christmas photographs. I will put those she sent in to replace them in a few days time.

4 sent in by Vicky of Dennis. The third one you can see the Chickens Dennis would hang around with.

5 sent by Simon. Had these since before Xmas

1 sent in by Elaine. Have been looking through my memory sticks and found a photo of Robin’s bridesmaid dress don’t know if you want to put it on the gallery so everyone will know what we are talking about.

2 foot long icicles hanging from my gutters!

Fieldfare’s that have been visiting our garden(not best photos I know, they were taken through a window) Rose W’canton

Last one from Julia. There are more that I will put on over the next few days.

Who would ever believe that a Turkey could be a pet. We never did for one moment, but after hatching them we soon realised what a friendly bird they were. After hatching they were kept in our wash room until they were sold or could cope with being put outside in a stable under heat lamps. Very quickly after hatching when ever Mrs.Farmer went into the wash room to feed the Turkey Chicks they would fly to her and perch on her shoulder or arms. Dennis was one of many who did it.

A friend who had given us a lot of Bantam eggs would not take any payment for them. As payment we decided that we would give her a pair of the Turkeys that we knew she would keep as an edition to her large collection of Poultry. Four Turkey chicks were kept to let grow on. Two for our friend and two for ourselves.

Fortunately the four Turkey chicks turned out to be two Hens and two Stags and as Turkeys do they grew very quickly and soon reached a size that we could give our friend her pair of Turkeys. Our Friend collected her pair a week after we told her they were ready, but unfortunately one of the hens died. We promised a pair so we finished up with one Stag, our Dennis.

Dennis very quickly made friends with our Buff Orpingtons and Silky’s when we allowed him to free range around the Farm Yard and when ever any of our Holiday Guests in the cottage next to the Farm House would sit outside Dennis would lay by their feet, sometimes even on them. He was a big hit and a favorite with every one who met him. Tass and Kye would often give him a sniff and a lick. Every night when Mrs.Farmer put the Chickens and Bantams in their houses Dennis would follow her as if he was helping. When he strayed into the Horses corral the Horses would often reach down to him, always being careful not to step on him.

It was about three days before Dennis died that we noticed that he was not himself. Nothing that would cause a lot of concern, only that he needed watching. Yesterday morning he had obviously got worse and was scouring so I gave him antibiotics. He sat on the lawn in front of the Farm House getting no better or worse. One of our Holiday Guests came to tell us that Dennis was being bothered by the Buff Orpingtons. They were not bothering him, one was gently pawing his back to get him up, an other lightly touching Dennis around his face with its beak. It was very touching to see, and we really did not expect to see such concern by Chickens.

As Dennis had not got any better by the time he would have been put into his house we decided to take him into the Farm House for the night so that we could give him a little water, as with him scouring he must have been dehydrating. Tass and Kye just accepted Dennis in the Kitchen, going to him now and then as if to see how he was. We managed to give him a little water but at about 9.30pm he was having a type of convulsion. At about 10.10pm Dennis died.

We have no idea what caused Dennis to die. He was scouring but if it was something that he had eaten. The other Chickens would have been eating it to and they have shown no signs of illness.

Dennis was very special pet to us so we decided to bury him with where we bury our other pets at the end of their lives. It was very sad having to dig his grave, and very upsetting burying Dennis.

We will replace Dennis very soon as Turkeys are really great and nice to have around. As all of our Holiday Guests and any one who met Dennis will tell you. Who would ever believe a Turkey could be a pet.