There are five new photographs on the Photo page from…

July 4, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page from number eleven.

Hope viewers won’t mind looking at non U K animals! We took so many this time. Here is a Kookaburra, Wombats (my favourites!) and the Penguins which are all native to Australia . The penguin’s are called Little penguins. David Attenbourgh did some filming with them once. Rose W’canton.

A few of us have this problem. One Sunday morning over our village. Not good enough!!Lindsay.

Another Monkey from Karen.

It is good news about any Badger Cull not going ahead. The National Farmer Union are not best pleased and screaming. It was a fight that they could not afford to loose if were to show that they were still a force in farming. They are not. They will keep screaming that a cull should go ahead even though there are better ways to reduce the incidents of Bovine TB, that are being shown to be working. More importantly is that the very great majority of the British public don’t want to see a Badger Cull. This is a democratic country, the NFU need to try to listen to what the majority want. The last badger cull was stopped because of the public outcry.

The NFU are shouting that they will try to get the ruling overturned, and that there will be a massive turnout outside Parliament next week. They wont get the ruling overturned and I wait to see the size of the turnout in protest. It is not the Hunting Bill that many Farmer demonstrated against. Most protesting as a case of principle. They were right to show their feelings, if you agreed or not. TB is a problem, but there are to many conflicting arguments in the scientific evidence, that it would be discriminating to take the chance of decimating the British Wildlife as an experiment, for thats what it would be, only to find that it was wrong.

I was quite pleased with the Goose last night. The battery didnt last quite as long as I thought it would, but it may not have been fully charged. One of this holiday guests on a fishing holiday, waded out in his new waders to put the Gordon in the water. We used a heavy metal bar to tie Gordon to, but as he floated about the metal bar some times got in between the wireless ariels that caused the interference that you could see on and off. Both the colour and infra-red were very good. I will put Gordon on the Lake sometime next week during the day so that we can try to watch the Swallows catching food from the Lake.