There are five new photographs on the Photo page from…

June 22, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page from number eleven. Getting short of photographs.

Hi I recently bought a squirrel box off you . Here are some pictures of squirrels feeding. Only the 1 squirrel so far. First time it’s taken food today. Kids have called it Rusty! Grant O’fee.

Daisey Fleeblane taken along the Great River State Trail in Wisconsin, USA. Penny, Chicago.

Fruit bats photographed in the wild in N.S.W. Rose W’canton.

Still getting the Starlings!!! Julia.

We had Gordon the Goose working on the Lake this afternoon. Unfortunately it was a last minute decision to get it working, as I had a bit of trouble with him when I was getting it ready this morning. There was bad interference with the picture. I tried various things to get it right and had all but give up on it for the day. A small movement of the ariel put it right. Jack and Brian have done a good job as it works very well. For some reason the picture has a lot of blue in it, but it is only like it by the Lake, I will sort it out some how. I will let you know when we try it out again. The batteries that work the camera and wireless connection will last for maybe five hours, so as soon as I am sure that every thing is alright, I will tie Gordon somewhere on the bank of a night time. It is an infra red camera that will be able to see in the dark as the other Farm cameras can.

As Swallows return to the nest of a night and and when it is raining for a while after they have fledged I will keep the camera going for a while longer. We have found another Swallows nest that will be easy to put the camera on to. There are a couple of eggs in it at the moment, so I would expect a couple more to be laid before the Swallows start to incubate them.

We put in a new branch into the Lake in the hope that the Kingfishers will start to use it as the original branch. It is sited close to the Island where have seem them land on the plants on the Island.