There are five new photographs on the Photo page from…

June 23, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page from number one. Getting short of photographs.

Taken along the Great River State Trail in Wisconsin, USA. Penny, Chicago.

Photo from Rufford taken when I went with school of Ducks that came to greet us. Elaine.

This is the current largest sitting Buddah in the world until next year when India will have the biggest. Rose ‘canton


We have got a couple of new additions coming to Denbury shortly. The first is a pair of Reindeer. At the moment the Buck, is in Velvet. As with Deer when they grow their antlers, they are covered in a hairy skin under which there are tiny blood vessels that feed the antlers whilst they are growing. It is very painful when a Deer knocks the growing antlers, so they are very careful to avoid knocking them against tree branches when they are wooded areas. I am not sure when the Velvet starts to shed. I have heard the Deer in our Woods rubbing their antlers against the trees when they are shedding the velvet, but I cant remember what time of year it is. When it is being shed it looks a bit gory as the blood vessels still have blood in them. Hopefully they will breed and we will Fawn in the Spring of next year.

The other addition is a pair of Black Swans Cygnets. Again I am not sure when they will be arriving, but they will need to be fully feathered first. It could be September time. We will also need to clip their wings to make sure that they do not fly away when we get them. They wont mate until they are two years old. I hadn’t really considered Swans for the Lake. It was only this weekend when we realised that we had been let down by the person who assured us that he could get the Canada Geese for us, that we looked at other options. After the two disasters with the Canada Geese this year with I don’t want wild Geese to breed on the Lake again. With the Swans they will soon follow feed so that they can be housed at night to keep them out of danger.