There are five new photographs on the Photo page from…

June 24, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page from number six. Getting short of photographs.

The first three photographs were taken when we went to visit the new additions to Denbury.

A baby Reindeer taken at Cricket St Thomas. David.

A pair of black swans and there signets taken at Cricket St Thomas. Vicky.

I reckon Karen was visiting the Cricket St Thomas webcams as we were visiting the Wildlife Park ourselves this morning to check out the our new additions. As you can see in the photograph that I took this morning, the Buck or Bull as they are sometimes called is a fine looking fella, his name is Padfoot and is about four years old. At this time of year they shed their coats so they do look a little moth eaten. By the time that they arrive at Denbury they will look a lot tidier. The Female is named Fluer, she is two years old and has not started to get any meaningful antlers. She had a Fawn this year but unfortunately she sat on it whilst giving birth. I could have had an older female, but it would have meant waiting until the Fawn had been weaned off of the Doe. As soon as the Buck starts to loose the velvet, we shall collect him from the Wildlife Park with the Doe.

Whilst at the Wildlife Park we tried to get a photograph of the Black Swan Cygnets that we are also getting. Unfortunately the Swans and Cygnets were hiding in the reeds. As you can see on the Photo page, Vicky took a photograph of the same Swans and Cygnets on a visit to the Wildlife Park, when she was holidaying at Denbury, a few weeks back. The photograph of the Reindeer Fawn was taken at the same time by her friend David. Since Vicky took the photograph the Cygnet are quite a lot larger, and have started to get their feathers, so we can hopefully collect them in the early part of September. I will speak to Neil from WWT to make sure that we can take them from the Swans before we do. The Black Swans originate from Australia and New Zealand and are therefor from the Southern Hemisphere. Although they are in the Northern Hemisphere they still breed as if they were still in the Southern, so the Cygnets were born in February time.

As you know our new sponsor for supplying our Bird and Badger food is Jacobi Jayne. They are trying out our site on a trial. If they find that they are getting sales through people linking from the site they will continue, so if any of you do order Bird Feed please give them a try. Free phone 0800 072 0130

Over the next few days you will see that our website has been revamped. The top header will still be flash, but changing to some of the Wildlife that we show, rather than attractions, many of which are not represented on our website. Some of the other pages will be showing various advertising so that we will be able to earn some income to be able site webcams into more locations and to keep this website continuing. Every time that you click onto one of the advertisement we will get a very small payment, not even a penny but with your help by clicking on the advertisements the Penny’s will we hope soon become POUNDS, DOLLARS AND EUROS.