There are five new photographs on the Photo page from…

June 27, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page from number six that are all from Vicky.

Goldfinch taken in my garden. Vicky.

A pair of black swans and there signets taken at Cricket St Thomas. Vicky.

A coot feeding her babies taken at Mapperly in ilkeston. Vicky.

A photo of my first passion flower this year. Vicky.

A Lime Hawk Moth that i took last year in my garden. Vicky.

We noticed that Gypsy had quite a large lump and a cut on her offside rear leg. It thought that it was probably a kick from one of the other Horses when they were having a run about. This evening when we let the Horses in for their feed Emmi had a kick on one of her rear leg. When we let the Horses out Gypsy was by the gate and she has got a kick mark on her nearside rear leg. Gypsy must have got the injury this afternoon as she was sitting on her own when I put the Horses on the webcams this afternoon.

Thinking back over the last couple of days I remembered that I had caught a quick glimpse of the Horses running around in what looked like a fun session that they sometimes have. When they stopped Breeze backed in to the group in what looked like a half hearted threat, or was it. I haven’t taken the chance. Breeze is being kept in for the night as she may be up to her old tricks again, trying to be the boss again. Trouble is when she decides that all is not going as she wants she starts to Herd all of the Horses up. That alright as long as she is not being a bully. Horses instinctively have leaders and they will give threats to show that they are.

As last year before we let Breeze out in the Field with the other Horses, we sectioned her off behind an electric fenced area so that she got use to the Mares with their Foals and Willow and Gypsy. As every year we let the battery on the electric loose its charge, eventually Breeze goes through the fence and joins the other Horse. This year she was the best that she had been. No running around it was just a nice herd,. It doesn’t seem to have lasted going by the minor injuries that Emmi and Gypsy have. We will section Breeze off behind an electric fenced area again tomorrow. Hopefully it will calm he down.

We cant take the chance with the Foals if there are arguments between the Horses. I should think that it is Emmi that Breeze disapproves of. When Willow and Gypsy play with the Foals they naturally will get close to the Mares, Breeze will then try to keep them away from Emmi and that is when the running around and kicking starts. Mind you I could well be wrong and it is not Breeze. Though the Horse field is calm tonight.